Free 3D modeling software

Sculptris, http://pixologic.com/sculptris, hard surface and organic

123 Series

123D Catch
scan from your cell phone

123D CNC
create files for CNC milling

123D Creature
create creatures

123D Design
create 3D models

123D Make
helps you to make physical models out of designs

123D Sculpt
sculpt using your iPad

123D Meshmixer
helps to prepare your files for 3D printing

123D Tinkercad
helps you to design 3D object for printing

Professional Modelling
(and animation) Software

3D Coat, $379 full version, $99 educational version
http://3d-coat.com, hard surface and organic

3D-COAT, $419 full version, $99 educational version
http://3d-coat.com, hard surface and organic

Mudbox, $495, www.autodesk.com
Hard surface and organic

ZBrush, $795, http://pixologic.com
Hard surface and organic

Blender, free—open source
www.blender.org 3D modeling, animating, and much more.

Rhinoceros, $995
www.rhino3d.com 3D modeling, NURBS modeling.

SketchUp, professional version $590
www.sketchup.com, 3D modeling.

SketchUp Make, free

3ds Max, $3,675
www.autodesk.com, 3D molding and more.

Vectric Aspire, $1,995
www.vectric.com, modeling/signage and G-code.

Maya, $1,830
www.autodesk.com, 3D modeling and much more.

Carrara, $171
www.daz3d.com/carrara-software, modeling.

Cheetah 3D, $69
www.cheetah3d.com, 3D modeling and more.


  • “Working with Rob and his company was a real pleasure as he delivered designs, then a prototype and lastly a full replica for our project. I also work with him at the Buffalo Lab in the Foundry and he is a valuable resource on 3D design and printing that all members benefit from. If I need something designed Mad Jack’s is the right company to work with!”.

    Director of Information Technology – Buffalo Niagara Association of REALTORS

    Author:Vice Chairman of Infotech.

    Peter Cimino
  • Rob is a gifted and multi-faceted artist whose talent seems to accelerate and multiply with each new technology he encounters.
    Website: http://www.vadersystems.com/

    Scott Vader

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